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    When placing your order, email the order # to and tell her you want the “Blue” coloration otherwise you will get the gray dogs.
  • Blue Weimaraner Christmas Cards featuring Velisters Indigo India “Indi”
  • For great personalized pet ID tags and collars visit
  • BlueWeimRox Cafe Press Store
  • Leslie Nicole’s Zazzle Store



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  1. I must be clear that Felix Von Blu owns me, he is and has been the most unusual Blue Weimaraner ever. Not only does he sign language me but he can use the web to track lost relatives. Let me tell you the believable stuff first. When he wants to walk me, he bites my watch, then my shoes, “time to walk” rings in my head. I know there are countless stories out there that equal or excel my claims, so do tell. What ever Felix wants, he simply points to it with his nose, you see dogs are & have always been about smell first, we humans are visual first. BTW Felix came from the most reputable of breeders please check–, Dawna Miller is an unusual pleasure to deal with.