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I grew up around animals on a farm and had dogs my whole life. When in High School I had an amazing GSD named Duke that I trained in obedience. He was also the Guardian of my Fathers Welding Shop. I found out early I loved competition with my dogs and horses and participated in 4-H with both my dog and horses. I got my first Weim, Sadi Sumist Lady, in 1990 and fell instantly in love with this amazing versatile breed. I am actively involved in the Weimaraner and dog community.

  • I compete and have titled dogs in NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association) where I am a Board Member/ founding member for the Montana Sharptail Chapter
  • VHDF (Versatile Hunting Dog Federation)
  • AKC Conformation and Field Events
  • WCA where I have had my pups on the top 10 Derby and Gun Dog, Obedience and Agility lists.
  • I also help with the Montana Pointing Dog Rescue.
  • I am now the Breeder Chairperson for the BWCOA (Blue Weimaraner Club of America) mentoring new breeders and helping families locate reputable breeders for new family members.
  • I am a member and/or administrator on many online forums helping to educate the public on the Weimaraner breed, Shorthair, Longhair and Blues as well as locating reputable breeders.

My children are a huge part of my training and breeding program and my son hopes to be a Pro Trainer someday. Weimaraners are a way of life for us and hunting our dogs in the beautiful Montana setting is something that we feel very fortunate to be doing. Like our good friend Eddy says “Hunt with a well-trained dog and follow your dreams!”


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