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7/19/08 Open letter to WCA — 1 Comment

  1. I am appalled at the lack of information that leads to the ridiculous actions to disqualify the Blue Weimaraner. What is this group of people? A club of children? Ignorant to proven facts and quite obvious truths? It makes one sick and almost emabarrassed to own a Weimaraner or either color. We own one of each! What a disgrace they have made of themselves. I shake my head in disgust at these ignorant people. This is not a game. We all want to enjoy our dogs be it as pets or as our breeding stock, whom still we consider as pets as this breed is so well known to be so attached and loving to the owner.
    They need to wake up, 2010 almost 2011. Get to the facts. What else can I say?

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