While the BWCA is still in its infancy and cannot take on its own rescue program, we are committed to helping Weimaraner Rescue find homes for available blue Weimaraners all over the country.  As we hear of available blues, we will share their information on our Facebook page so please check us out there.  

Weim Rescue nationwide is always looking for fosters.  If you are interested in fostering a blue Weimaraner, please contact your local rescue.

SPECIAL OFFER BWCA is offering free membership for the first year for anyone who adopts a blue Weimaraner from Rescue or shelter. See Membership Application for details. 

NEW!  Effective March 2009, BWCA is now accepting donations to help fund rescue efforts of blue Weimaraners around the US and Canada.  If you would like to donate to this cause, please click the DONATE button on the right sidebar.  If you would like your donation to go towards a specific dog, please indicate the name of the dog and rescue organization when you check out (look for the “add special Instructions to seller” link).  If you want to donate to a general fund, BWCA will be sure that your contribution will go to a needy blue Weimaraner somewhere. 

If you have a blue Weimaraner in need, BWCA wants to help.
Please click the following link and fill out the donation request form.
Donation Request 

Before adopting a new Weimaraner, please take a moment to take the
Are You Ready for a Weimaraner? a Quiz from Weimaraner Rescue Fund



Rescue Program — 10 Comments

  1. Hello…. I’m retired and I’m ready to have a dog in my life. I have always loved Weimaraner. My oldest daughter adopted a Weimaraner a few years ago. I would really appreciate if you would get back with me. Thank you. Jeannette Bekaert

  2. Hello, I am happy I found your website. I have raised 3 gray weims in the past and absolutely love the breed. I am in the process of finding a new apartment that allows dogs and would really like to find out some information on adopting a rescued blue weimaraner pup. Also, I would like to know if you have the need for some volunteer help for the rescue foundation.

  3. I am a previous owner of a blue weim, absolutely loved him. Heartbroken over his passing, he loved life and loved kids would very much like to adopt one. Thanks, Angie

  4. You can visit the Available Rescue dogs section of our website for links to blues needing forever homes around the country. Specific contact information is located in each post. http://www.bwcoa.com/category/rescue/
    You can also search by state on he main page of our site on the right sidebar for rescues in your area.

  5. Interested in adopting a female blue Weimaraner. I have a very gentle red Doberman who loves playing with female larger dogs. He is 5 years old. I have raised 4 dobermans, the 1st was a rescue, who had been abused. Male Dobie’s don’t live very long. My black female Dobie lived 15 years. I am good at training dogs and I am an active female senior. I would be interested adopting an 2 or 3 year old female who would be able to live with our Gus, who is 110 lbs. My husband is also a senior citizen.

  6. BWCA is not a rescue organization. We simply assist established rescue groups in spreading the word as well as supporting blue Weims in need by donations.
    Please click the link above to find a rescue group near you to look for available dogs. Good luck to you.

  7. We lost our female weim about two months ago and are now ready for another one.. Please let me know if you have an adoptable female lab. We have a large home on 2 1/2 acres with a dog run and a very loving home. We have on little maltese mix dog and two rescue horses. Have had animals all our lives and would provide a wonderful home for a furry friend.

  8. Our blue weimer Saint is 14 yrs he’s still kickin, we love him, someday its gonna end. I’ll need to get a pup as cloning is too much $. I’ll travel to get him. thanks Steve

  9. Darlene, If you are looking for a Lab, I would recommend contacting a Lab rescue or the Lab Club of America to find a reputable breeder. We are a Weimaraner club and don’t have information regarding labs.

  10. Please see our Approved Breeders page for information on finding a reputable breeder.

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