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  1. We just had to say goodbye to our beautiful blue boy, Zach. He was a loving part of our family for almost 12 years. We have two other Weimaraner dogs, both silvers. We love them just as much as we loved Zach, but honestly Zach was more true “weim” than either of our silvers could ever hope to be. His untrained nose was incredible, he could pick up a scent days old. He was our smartest and our most independent as well. He was athletic, with beautiful lines and a gorgeous head. Quick and agile, with a heart as big as his entire body. He was aloof but friendly until he got to know you and then your lap made just as good a place to rest his head as anyone’s.

    Of course he could never be shown for conformation, but we couldn’t have cared less about that.

    I have refrained from joining this organization from it’s beginning, solely because of the insistence on a new and separate breed for the blue Weimaraner. Change your goals and I would consider joining and supporting you, but until then count me out. My distaste in the idea of a new breed has nothing to do with liking to say “I own a Weimaraner” and everything to do with honoring the ancestry of these dogs.

    Although a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet, in a future where this new breed exists and blue “weims” are no longer bred, it pains me that our wonderful boy Zach would probably never exist. You see, Zach’s dam was a silver, only his sire was a blue. In your future world, when a silver Weimaraner is bred to a blue (enter new breed name here) you will have a litter of dogs that are as 100% pure bred as their parents and not a single one will be recognized as such. My Zach, if he existed at all, which is highly unlikely, would be deemed a mutt. While mixed breeds can be wonderful dogs, Zach was the finest ambassador I could think of for the existing Weimaraner breed and as such deserved to proudly carry that name.

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