READ ME: Message from the President

What it Means to be a BWCA Member: A member of the Blue Weimaraner Club of America loves the blue Weimaraner, agrees to abide by the Code of Ethics established by this Club, wants to be active in the blue Weimaraner community.  

Membership Application Options(choose one): 

Membership Fee:

Annual Membership (expires December 31st) dues are:

  • $20.00 Single membership
  • $27.50 Family membership

After July 1st dues are prorated:

  • Prorated $10.00 Single membership
  • Prorated $13.75 Family membership

Membership FAQ:

Question: Why should I become a Member?
Answer: There are many possible reasons to become a member. Some or all of these may apply:

    • you love the blue Weimaraner
    • you want to connect with others who love the blue Weimaraner
    • You want to become better informed about the blue Weimaraner and its history
    • you want to see the overall quality of the blue Weimaraner improve
    • you want to see more reputable breeders
    • you want to help blue Weimaraners in rescue
    • you want to see more blue Weimaraners in competition and in the field
    • you want to see the blue Weimaraner recognized in the conformation ring
    • you’d support the blue Weimaraner become a new breed someday… if it came down to the only option 

Question: Where do my membership dues go?
Answer: Your dues help with the basic cost of doing business such as website maintenance and hosting, supplies, banking fees etc… Excess is also used for helping blues in rescue.

Question: What is a “sponsor”?
Answer:   A sponsor is someone who is already a member of BWCA or if you don’t know someone in BWCA a member of the Weimaraner Club of America (WCA).

Question: Why do I need “sponsors” to become a full member?
Answer:   We want to be seen by the outside world as ethical and responsible club therefore our members need to be responsible and ethical as well.   Requiring sponsors means that someone who has already been approved for full membership and in good standing with BWCA or WCA will personally vouch for you that you are a responsible and ethical person who would be a valuable addition to our membership.

Question: Why are you allowing sponsors from WCA?
Answer: BWCA still has a small membership base so the chances of knowing someone who is already a member is small.  WCA has over 2,000 members all of which had to go through a similar process and have agreed to a similar Code of Ethics as BWCA’s therefore a WCA member in good standing is also acceptable.  However, the reference still needs to contacted and confirmed.

Question:  What if I don’t know anyone in BWCA or WCA?  Can I still become a member?
Answer: Absolutely!  You can apply for an associate membership.

Question:  What is the difference between a full member and and associate member?
Answer:  The only difference is that a full member has voting privleges on official club business.  This does not include website polls or calendar photo votes.  Those are open to the general public.

Question: If I become an associate member, can I become a full member someday?
Answer:  YES!  Your first year can be used to get to know other members of BWCA by: volunteering on BWCA committees, join our Facebook fanpage and Members Only group and share your stories, photos and ask questions.  Basically, put yourself out there so we can get to know you!

Question: Is there ANY other way that I can become a full member?
Answer:  Because BWCA members are active in the Weimaraner rescue community in the US and Canada, if you are an active volunteer for Weimaraner rescue in your area you can request sponsorship from rescue coordinators.   However situations will be reviewed and decided upon on a case by case basis.

Hopefully, this has given you a little insight on why our conditions are so strict and hopefully you can understand our position.  If you have additional questions, please use the comment section below and ask them here.  That way others can benefit from your Q&A. Ready to become a member?