WE’RE BACK!!!  Now Accepting submission for the 2020 Blue Weimaraner Calendar.  Submissions will be accepted until 9/30/19. Please include the following information:

1) high resolution photo (not grainy or pixelated)
2) dog’s call name and registered name (if any)
3) your full name

Pre-sales will begin once the cover has been designed in October.

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Click below to submit your photos. Be sure your photos are high resolution (no cell phones photos, not grainy)

Birthday Square

You may purchase a birthday square for $10.  Specific dates are first come first served.  If you would like to confirm that your date is still available before purchasing, you may fill out the contact form below to inquire. If you are ready to purchase your birthday square,  please click the link below to submit payment then submit your photo. You may submit more than one and allow us to choose for whatever fits best in the square.

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2020 Calendar Submissions — 8 Comments

  1. I think I may have sent two of the same picture for the calendar.. can you let me know? Thanks
    Laurie Kealing

  2. Ok, I think Spirit should send in a coulple photos. I don’t kow if you want a still or an action or both? i thoug maybe one of each?

  3. just submitted a couple of photos of my blue.. had no idea this even existed… when do we find out if our pic will show in the calendar? 😀

  4. Im unable to upload my pictures because the file size is too big.. I tried to downsize them but then they become grainy. Is there another way to submit pictures?


  5. Sent pictures of my Blue Weim for your calendar. Will make great Christmas gifts. Awesome site!

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