100% net proceeds to benefit Blue Weimaraner Rescue in the US and Abroad

2021 Blue Weimaraner Calendar

Hello Fans! It is unfortunate but we will not be doing a blue Weimaraner calendar this year. Sales have been decreasing over the years, we believe due to so many rescue other groups and clubs putting out their own calendars. In addition, for me personally, time is at a minimum this year and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to be able to get everything done. I will hang on to all photos submitted in case we decide to do one next year. Thank you for all of your support over the years.

2020 Blue Weimaraner Calendar

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Blue Weimaraner Calendar History

In 2008, someone on a forum asked the question: “Is there a calendar for blue Weimaraners?”.  No one knew of one so Renee Viehmann decided to create one.  She created it under her own name for 2008 and 2009 with 100% of the net proceeds donated to Weimaraner Rescue groups in Northern California.  While still being the creative mind behind the calendar, in 2010 she turned the calendar over to the Blue Weimaraner Club of America with proceeds to benefit blue Weimaraner rescue in the US and abroad.  To date, the Blue Weimaraner Calendar has earned nearly $10,000 for rescue.


Blue Weimaraner Calendar — 16 Comments

  1. 6/18/09 – Reminder to keep your camera’s handy and send in your photos. I will be looking for seasonal and holiday photos to go with each month so now that summer is approaching, now’s the time to get your outdoorsy shots. Don’t forget to send anything from last fall, Halloween and Christmas too! You are welcome to send your photos in as you download them so you don’t have to remember to do it later. I keep all photos in one folder and when it’s time to start working on it, I already have them. The deadline for photo submissions this year is September 30th.

  2. 9/29/09 – Since Halloween is right around the corner, I have extended the deadline FOR HALLOWEEN photos ONLY! So get your camera’s and take pictures of your blue kids in their Halloween costumes!

  3. 10/30/09 – NEWS FLASH Time to vote for the cover of the 2010 Calendar. Please vote only once. Voting will close in 24 hrs. So that’s 1:00 pm pst on Saturday, October 31st. Once the cover is chosen, designed and announced presales will begin.

  4. 10/31/09 – The cover photo has been voted on and the winner has been chosen by YOU. Pre-sales will begin when the winning cover is announced. Check back in a couple of days for the announcement of the winner and to purchase your copy.

  5. 11/2/09 – BWCA announces the cover winner and new lower calendar cost. Pre-sales begin. Printing scheduled for November 23rd and shipping begins November 30th.

  6. 11/22/09 – The calendar is finished and full preview is available. I will print it tomorrow to review one last time for typos and will take it to the printer. Hopefully, I can get it back by Wednesday morning so I can work on packaging and shipping over the Thanksgiving holiday. Shipping to begin first week of December.

  7. 2/16/10 – We still have a bunch of calendars available. In order to get them all sold, we have reduced the price to $14.50. Be sure to tell all your friends and family to get one so they can enjoy the rest of he year.

  8. 2/18/10 – Check out the new poll on our website and let us know what you think about the new idea for the 2011 calendar:

    12 of the best photos with runners up on the date squares. You get to vote.

  9. 3/17/10 – We have reduced the price of the calendar one last time… all the way down to $10.00 each! Wow, what a bargain! Be sure to get yours before they are gone. At this point, all sales benefit Blue Weim Rescue 100%

  10. Only a few more days to submit photos for the 2011 Calendar. The deadline is 9/30/10. You can send them to renee @ bwcoa.com (without the spaces)