If you’re having trouble finding a blue Weimaraner breeder, there is a group on Facebook that helps connect families with blue Weimaraner breeders. Please note, this group is NOT endorsed by Blue Weimaraner Club of America. The breeders in that group are not “Approved” breeders according to this Club. However, it is a good place to look to find a puppy.

According to the group’s “pinned post”: This group has been created to help breeders of Blue Weimaraners advertise their litters as well as help families find a reputable breeder. A reputable breeder is defined as one who breeds for the betterment of the breed and not just to: a) make money; b) let their kids “experience the joy of birth”; c) “because my dog is so sweet”. A reputable breeder will carefully choose a mate that compliments their dog with regard to structure, health, temperament and purpose. This group does not advocate backyard breeders or puppy mills….

Families: While the Admins of this group do not advocate backyard breeders or puppymills, we cannot ensure that every breeder who is advertising a litter is reputable. We encourage you to do your research and interview the breeder (just as much as they interview you) for the reputable qualities listed above.

Facebook Group: Find a Blue Weimaraner Breeder

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