In order to help BWCA identify blue Weimaraner breeders in the United States and abroad, please fill out this survey about your breeder. This survey is confidential and your name will not be revealed should you choose to fill it out. We will take this information and add it to our database. In addition, it will help us inquire with breeders to see if they are interested in becoming a BWCA approved breeder.

    Breeder's Name/Kennel Name

    Breeder's Location (State/Country/Province)

    Breeder's Phone

    Breeder's Email

    Breeder's website

    How Did You Find your Breeder?

    Did you receive a contract for your puppy?

    Do you continue to have contact with your breeder?

    Do you consider your breeder to be “reputable”

    What do you consider “reputable”

    Would you suggest this breeder to a friend?

    Have you had any health issues with your dog? If so, what kind?

    Have you had any temperament issues with your dog

    Is your dog AKC registered, why or why not?

    Do you compete your dog in AKC or other events (conformation, field or performance)?

    Would you be inclined to recommend to your breeder that they become a BWCA Approved Breeder or tell them that you would like them to?

    Will you purchase your next blue Weimaraner from a BWCA Approved Breeder?

    BWCA thanks you for taking the time to fill out this survey. May we contact you for additional information? If yes, please leave your name and email address below:

    Your Name (optional)

    Your Email (optional)


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