A Club for the Development, Improvement and Recognition of the Blue Weimaraner

The BWCA was created to protect, promote, and advance the best interests and welfare of the purebred blue Weimaraner, and to continue to bring their natural qualities to perfection through careful breeding practices. This is a club for people who love the Weimaraner breed and in particular the ‘blue’ coat color. We all have been frustrated by the handicaps encountered, the prejudice against and misinformation about the blue Weimaraner. Our goal was to return the blue coat color to equal status with the silver/grays but after an unsuccessful attempt in petitioning the WCA to rescind the DQ, we have to accept the reality of that never happening. We also have determined that the AKC is not allowing ‘variety’ status within breeds. Therefore, this club will begin the process of establishing the blue Weimaraner as a separate breed. We have started a registry for the blue Weimaraner that will transfer over to our ‘new breed’. We encourage all of you to step up and get involved with your Blues in as many events as possible. We also plan on promoting competitive events – such as Ratings Tests very similar to the WCA tests as soon as possible. We have established our Constitution, Bylaws, Code of Ethics, Standard and Breeding Recommendation for the BWCA. While our direction is clear, our path to achieve it is still evolving. This club will be the ‘stepping off’ point for the developing ‘new breed’. We hope to include as many blue owners, breeders and those who just love the blue color to join us in this endeavor. We welcome your thoughts, participation and suggestions.

Sincerely, Blue Weimaraner Club of America

Pictured in the header:

left: Bellatrix des Perles d’Artemis, TAN, BICP II “Bella” – photo by Cori Moesta

center: Cindy Lou, PD1 PS1 PJ1 – photo by Mindy Wilson Photography

right: Int CH Fairhaven’s BluSky’s the Limit, SH, NAVHDA NA2 “Roxie”



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  1. Yes, I’m a Blue too, & my parents love me so much that would be Jon & Gisela –
    My dad loves things that are German..
    My mom is German too from Bavaria +
    they got me a younger sister to play with & yes she too is German she is a Black GSP — she is so jealous of me +
    the car we ride in @ times is a German car VW Jetta Diesel — & it does zoom zoom
    I just love this site – I’m going to get my mom to put some photos in of me & maybe 1 w/ my younger sister
    Oh Ya I’m 6 yrs old & I’m a girl too ;o))
    My sister, BT, will be 5 on April 21st

  2. someone please help!! i have a 4 month old blue weimaraner male named max ,and the problem that i am having is that he urinates in his kennel all the time and yes i know what ur thinking all of the obvious answers such as kennel is to big for him or that i dont take him out enough but i have tried all theses things ,even cutting off his water supply at 6 at night to get it out of his system. i have even went as far as cleaning his kennel with a product that doesnt contain chemicals that may remind him of the smell or scent of his urine. How can i stop him from peeing in his kennel all the time??? i know he can hold it because sometimes he does sleep with us at night in our bed he holds it all night long. what can i do??

  3. Rick & Max,
    This is Gisela, the human mother of Kofi & BT — BT when she too was younger had the same problem evrywhere — took her to the vet — they “thought” she was a certain type of Diabetic — B4 meds — had us try some thing different — no waater just ice cubes — we did that for about 2.5 weeks & watching her @ all times & when I thought she was going to go — up & outside we went — well she is 5yrs old now & has never had that problem again — just a new 1 came of this which happens 2B — everytime the freezer door is open she comes running for an ice cube — she loves them — good luck, Gisela

  4. Dawn, mother of River, Hunter and Misty,
    When river was a pup she too peed where she was kept. She pooped and stepped in it as well. We took her to the vet and she did have a bladder infection and it helped some after it was taken care of, but she just wanted to be with the others while we were gone. Finally we did let her stay with her other 2 sisters, and she was good in the house. This was when she was 5 months old.

  5. – rick newsome

    My blue, Cody, just passed away at three years of age last week because of a protosystemic shunt. One of his symptoms was CONSTANT peeing, we thought it was weird, but didn’t take him in. Please take Max in and have them do blood work, if his ALT is abnormal, it means the liver’s not functioning correctly but it can be corrected if caught early enough. We were to late for Cody, but if Max has this issue, I’d like to know I helped save someone else with the knowledge I’ve gained from this.

    Or maybe it is a phase Max’s going through and everything’s okay with him (Cody had weird phases he went through as well)